Archive Tag: Customer Service

Archive Tag: Customer Service

10 May

10 Great Customer Service Quotes

Jennifer Lee

Thirty three percent of Americans say it only takes a single instance of poor service for them to consider switching […]

2 Nov

Are You Using Customer Feedback to Improve Processes?

Melissa Kovacevic

Sometimes we become so involved in the design, execution and gathering of data that we may not observe what is […]

23 Sep

Are You Viewing the Experience Through the Lens of the Customer?

Jeannie Walters

Whenever we deal with customers, we are asking our brains to do a lot. We are trying to see things […]

6 Sep

The Future of Contact Center Automation

John Wolf

As technology advances, could contact center agents be replaced by robots? That’s a question some outsourcers in India and the […]

20 Jan

Financial Services Contact Centers: Intraday Automation Puts Your Customers First

Lori Etheridge

Today’s financial services contact centers face many challenges when it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience. In addition to […]

6 Aug

Digital Customer Service: Opportunity to Connect with Customer

Shep Hyken

As technology keeps advancing, the gap between in-person customer service and the online customer experience is closing. While there is […]