Archive Tag: idle time

Archive Tag: idle time

11 Jun

Solving BPO Challenges with Intraday Automation

Bob Fletcher

The outsourcer’s role of handling a client’s customers for them is unique – and this relationship brings its own set […]

18 Dec

What Does Customer Service Wait Time Cost You?

Matt McConnell

When it comes to customer service, wait time is downright evil. It’s just ridiculous that we pay companies for their […]

11 Oct

3 Steps to Find Your Call Center Efficiency Sweet Spot

Matt McConnell

There’s no getting around it — the role of a workforce manager is tough. Whether it’s the daily tug-of-war between […]

23 Jul

Contact Center Workforce Management: Not an Option for Businesses Looking to Delight Customers


When was the last time you called a contact center seeking help with an issue, and you were quickly connected […]