Archive Tag: Measurement

Archive Tag: Measurement

16 Jul

Mark Your Spot: Does Customer Experience Benchmarking Tell Us the Right Things?

Annette Franz

I recently came across the following Chinese parable, and as I often do, wondered how this story might apply to […]

24 Feb

Why the “Old” Way of Workforce Management isn’t Good Enough

Bob Fletcher

Having been in this business over 40 years and in over 1,000 call centers in five continents, I’ve seen some […]

25 Nov

Call Center Metrics: The Numbers We Don’t Look at Drive the Numbers We Do

Bob Fletcher

In the contact center, metrics are always important. Whether in-house or outsourced, you can’t manage what you don’t measure – […]

9 Sep

Measuring Agent Satisfaction: Why E-Sat Should Be a KPI in Your Contact Center

Greg Levin

If you are a contact center director, manager or supervisor, you most likely value your agents. You most likely strive […]

1 Apr

3 Key Ways to Tame the Big Data Beast of Contact Center Metrics

Greg Levin

Today’s contact center has the ability to capture a vast and invaluable amount of customer and performance-based data. Sounds awesome, […]

30 Oct

Measuring the Effectiveness of Agent Training

Greg Levin

Just because agents get through training doesn’t mean that training gets through to agents. Training in the contact center isn’t […]