Archive Tag: productivity

Archive Tag: productivity

18 Apr

Make “Greener” Choices in the Call Center this Earth Day

Adrienne Sallerson

Making “greener” choices in the contact center can benefit both the environment and your bottom line. It can even help […]

23 Feb

The Challenges of Employee Retention

Annette Franz

The phrase “employee retention” sends shivers down the spines of some folks. And it ought to. Employee turnover is expensive […]

21 Jul

The Contact Center Costs You Can Control vs. the KPIs that Control You

Bob Fletcher

Metrics play an important role in every contact center. But when it comes to profitability, what are executives most concerned […]

24 Feb

Why the “Old” Way of Workforce Management isn’t Good Enough

Bob Fletcher

Having been in this business over 40 years and in over 1,000 call centers in five continents, I’ve seen some […]

22 Jan

Employee Engagement Drives Business Growth

Annette Franz

Fact: The employee experience drives the customer experience. I know I’m stating the obvious – but, shockingly, to many, it […]

16 Sep

Is Agent Training On-Board Your CX Train?

Melissa Kovacevic

Whether you call it employee development or skills enhancement, it’s all about training our agents and leaders to be successful with […]