Archive Tag: Retention

Archive Tag: Retention

13 Jan

5 Things Frontline Leaders Can Do to Help Agent Attrition

Melissa Kovacevic

I love working with front-line supervisors and managers who are learning how to be more effective coaches. Most are eager […]

6 Jan

Agent Engagement: Are Employees Fulfilled, Appreciated and Understood?

Shep Hyken

Forget once-a-year employee surveys. How about once-a-week? That is if you even do employee surveys. Many companies will survey their […]

30 Jul

Points to Consider Before Implementing Performance-Based Scheduling

Vicki Herrell

Most call centers use one of three criteria for schedule selection:  seniority, rotation, or performance (or some combination of these).  […]

12 Mar

Agent Rewards & Recognition that Work – and Won’t Break the Bank

Greg Levin

I recently attended a large conference for contact center professionals where the most common question I heard – after “Who […]

27 Jan

A Call Center’s Pathway to Achieving High-Performance Standards

Dr. David Butler

As a call center expert, researcher and academic a common question I receive (probably two or more times per week) […]