Archive Tag: Service Quality

Archive Tag: Service Quality

29 Sep

Reduce Call Center Costs: Automation Outranks Alternatives

Kyle Antcliff

Balancing the need to reduce call center costs and keep customers happy is tough. However, Workforce Management (WFM) and contact […]

13 Jul

A Rose By Any Other Name… Agent Word Choices

Melissa Kovacevic

When coaching with our agents, we have many important skills to focus on such as listening, use of empathy, following […]

6 Apr

Solving the Mystery of the Missing Empathy

Melissa Kovacevic

Chapter One:  Detective Holmes had solved many cases and now she had been brought in to a call center to […]

1 Dec

3 Ways to Improve Cx by Seeking the Outside-In Viewpoint

Jeannie Walters

Understanding how to improve the customer experience from the inside out is one thing. Trying to attain the outside-in perspective […]

20 Oct

5 Ways to Get Better Customer Feedback

Jeannie Walters

It may be common knowledge now that hearing from customers about what they really want and need from your organization […]

23 Sep

Are You Viewing the Experience Through the Lens of the Customer?

Jeannie Walters

Whenever we deal with customers, we are asking our brains to do a lot. We are trying to see things […]