Archive Tag: workforce optimization

Archive Tag: workforce optimization

23 Oct

BPOs, Where’s Your Value Add? Strategic Partner or Cost-Benefit?

Bob Fletcher

Companies typically outsource their contact center operations for two main reasons: to improve service levels or to decrease their costs. […]

2 Jun

Supercharging Your WFM with Intraday Automation

Bob Fletcher

With most of the contact center executives I talk to, there is typically some confusion about the difference between intraday […]

23 Apr

Employee Effort: Are They Just Spinning Their Wheels?

Annette Franz

There’s a lot of talk about how much effort a customer is required to put forth in order to complete […]

22 Sep

Customer Experience. It’s the Number-One Priority Driving Contact Center Workforce Optimization


(This is a guest blog authored by Spence Mallder, SVP, GM Workforce Optimization, CTO of Aspect Software, originally published on […]