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Transform Your Call Center into a Superhero

Published: March 22, 2019 | By: Lori Etheridge

There’s something sinister seething through your call center. It’s keeping you from being the strategic superhero you’re meant to be. It’s wreaking havoc on your customers, your agents and the business.

Who is this villain? It goes by the name of Status Quo and it lurks in the shadows delivering mayhem. You see it every day.

It’s ruthless in delivering chaos that takes down agent training. It thrives on agent call fatigue and laughs at the idea of work-life balance. It bullies workforce management every day and doesn’t rest until every real-time analyst or planner is taken down and a friend to no one.

Left unchecked, this Status Quo outlaw destroys your contact center’s efficiency, agent engagement and customer experience.

You must ask yourself, what does Tony Stark do when facing a villain who seeks to destroy his world? He suits up as Iron Man and with his trusted JARVIS to guide him, he defeats his enemy head on.

There’s good news! Your very own JARVIS (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System), is waiting at your door and is armed and ready to conquer the dreaded Status Quo. Your JARVIS becomes empowered through purpose-built technology engineered using robotic processing. It is designed to turn millions of WFM and call routing data points into real-time power actions.

These 3 superpowers can equip your contact center to tackle any villain:

1. Efficiency Power Booster

Even superheroes need help staying on track. With the hectic nature of the call center, it can be difficult to ensure agents remain on schedule throughout the day.

Using robotic processing, you can prompt agents to start their lunch, break or end-of-shift before a long call creates an adherence issue. This not only increases efficiency, but positively impacts engagement by protecting agents from long calls that impact their breaks, or worse, keep them from going home on time.

2. Agent Engagement Energizer

Often in the contact center, training must be canceled and rescheduled when call volume is high. But training is a must to prepare your agents to save the day for your customers. Providing your workforce with ongoing development is crucial to their success.

Using robotic processing, you can deliver training during available time so scheduling and rescheduling is no longer an issue. Training can be generalized and sent to an entire agent population, or more specific based on individualized needs. With ongoing training and development, agents can re-build their confidence and improve the customer experience.

3. Customer Experience Super Senses

When people need saving, do you think Iron Man puts the world on hold while he figures out his next steps? Customer experience can be negatively impacted by extensive time spent on pause. By reducing hold time, you not only make customers happier, you also reduce AHT. Current processes, however, require workforce management to manually watch for and act on excessive hold times. They can only watch for one instance at a time, when in fact, it is happening across the center.

With robotic processing, agents receive an instant notification if they have been in the hold state for too long. If agents are struggling to handle a customer issue, they can request assistance and supervisors will receive an immediate alert. Agents can quickly get back to servicing customers and ensure a positive experience.

Are you ready to unleash your superpowers? Is your center ready to become superheroes to your customers and the business? What would it mean for your call center if you could take down this villain called Status Quo?

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