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Busting Burnout – How you can use AI to predict and dramatically reduce Contact Center Attrition

Are you tired of the revolving door of agent turnover draining your resources and morale? You’re not alone. The cost of replacing just one burned-out agent can skyrocket up to $35,000—a financial sinkhole no contact center leader can afford to ignore.

You might think you know the reasons—rigid schedules, irate customers, inadequate training—but knowing the problem is only half the battle. The real challenge? Taking timely, effective action to re-engage your team before it’s too late.

Discover how cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot just identify but actually predict which agents are on the brink of burnout. Imagine being able to take proactive steps to retain your best talent and slash those crippling attrition rates.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Actionable strategies for onboarding that set new hires up for success
  • The secret role of targeted training and coaching in agent retention
  • People-first tactics that prioritize well-being and supercharge engagement
  • Exclusive insights into the latest Machine Learning models designed to predict—and prevent—agent burnout

Don’t miss this opportunity to turn the tide on agent attrition and secure the future of your contact center. Reserve your spot now and take the first step towards a more engaged frontline team.

Chris Busbee – Vice President, Product Management, Intradiem
Ted Lango – SVP, Business Enablement , Intradiem
Presented with SWPP

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