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Frost & Sullivan Names Intradiem 2024 Product Leader

Discover how Intradiem is transforming the customer experience (CX) landscape with its Machine Learning-driven solution to predict and reduce agent burnout. This report from Frost & Sullivan highlights how Intradiem’s solution identifies burnout risks with 80% accuracy, significantly lowering staff turnover and improving agent wellbeing.  Recognized for its innovative product, learn how Intradiem sets a new standard in proactive agent management that addresses CX challenges, ultimately delivering financial savings and operational excellence.

Key Insights You’ll Gain:

  • Machine Learning Innovation: Learn about Intradiem’s ML model that accurately identifies burnout risks, reducing turnover
  • Proactive Strategies: Discover actionable steps to support and enhance agent wellbeing and performance
  • Financial Impact: Uncover the substantial savings and operational benefits of adopting Intradiem’s solution
  • Future Developments: Get insight into upcoming enhancements that will further increase prediction accuracy and effectiveness
  • Driven by Customer Feedback: Understand how Intradiem’s customer-centric approach fuels continuous improvement and relevance
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