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Placing Agent Well-Being at the Heart of Contact Center Operations

Prioritizing the needs of frontline agents boosts their engagement and performance. Download this eBook to learn how Intradiem can help.

Customer satisfaction is critical to business success, but too often companies overlook the wellbeing of the people most directly responsible for delivering that satisfaction. In many instances, contact center agents are the primary touchpoint between a brand and its customers. But when agents are over-stressed and under-supported, they struggle to deliver positive experiences.

It’s time to move beyond the idea that business success and employee well-being are mutually exclusive. Organizations should abandon the short-sighted view of the contact center agent as just another input—to be expanded, contracted, or otherwise manipulated to achieve business objectives. Agents are not inputs. They’re people, with bills to pay and families to feed. Like all of us, agents perform better when they feel valued and respected. Their well-being is fundamental to business success. It should be prioritized.

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