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The Human Side of AI and Automation

Contact center agents are responsible for delivering great brand experiences, and AI-driven solutions are set to streamline routine tasks, unlocking a new level of self-service and efficiency.

As a result, human agents will face the most emotionally charged and complex interactions, leading to increased stress, burnout, and high attrition rates that already plague the industry. The potential impact on your brand and the customer experience is at stake.

Join Intradiem’s Larry Swift, VP Solution Consulting, and Ted Lango, SVP Business Enablement, to explore the pivotal role of automation in shaping the future of contact centers, specifically how to support agents. It’s not just about productivity – it’s about their success and wellbeing.

During this webinar, you’ll:

• Learn how automation can help prioritize agent development and provide customers with exceptional service
• Understand how AI can proactively identify signs of burnout and attrition risk, providing supervisors with invaluable insights to support their teams.
• Explore why it is time to redefine the role of agents in the era of AI, focusing on the critical importance of agent well-being and engagement.

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