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Intradiem Announces Sponsorship of WFM Labs to Foster Contact Center Industry Advancement

WFMLabs.org tests new ideas, processes, and creative approaches that rethink the legacy practices of workforce management

ATLANTA–Intradiem, the leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for customer service teams, proudly announces its sponsorship of WFMLabs.org, an independent, invitation-based community of contact center professionals dedicated to reinventing the next-generation approach to successfully operating contact centers.

Founded earlier this year by 11 WFM professionals, led by Intradiem senior vice president Ted Lango, WFMLabs.org is comprised of senior leaders and contact center professionals from multiple industries seeking to provide well-rounded thought leadership and expertise to all its members. The community is working to align contact center practices with the needs of employees and customers.

WFMLabs.org explores new ways for organizations to blend human and technology resources that generate greater benefits for their employees, as well as customers and shareholders. Its mission is based on three priorities:

  1. Employees First: Prioritize employee satisfaction as a first step towards a permanent solution to the persistent problem of agent attrition.
  2. Resilient Planning: Leverage simulation and automation techniques to deliver more resilient capacity plans and achieve service-level and cost objectives.
  3. Real-time Automation: Automate intraday activities and leverage variance management systems to reduce the need for reactive “firefighting.”


“For the past several decades, contact center professionals have witnessed the same challenges that return year over year: dissatisfied customers, financial misses, and high employee turnover,” said Ted Lango, founder and chair at WFM Labs and senior vice president at Intradiem. “We need a modern day approach leveraging automation and simulation to write a completely new playbook for all of workforce management, and I’m confident the vast experience and deep perspective of our WFM community members will yield great results.”

WFMLabs.org welcomes open-source projects and tests new processes to strengthen contact centers’ ability to satisfy dynamic demand (inbound customer inquiries) with fixed supply (prescheduled agents). To support ongoing learning and community building, WFM Labs hosts weekly webinars to discuss varying topics in WFM practices as well as monthly workshops to discuss certain concepts in greater detail and collaboratively work through identified challenges.

“Intradiem shares WFM Labs’ mission to reinvent outdated processes to drive greater benefit for the organization, its employees and its customers, which makes us a natural sponsor of this organization,” said Intradiem CEO, Matt McConnell. “A more effective synergy between people and technology within contact centers will have a multiplier effect on customer satisfaction, which will benefit organizations.”

To learn more about WFM Labs or to become a member, visit WFMLabs.org, or watch the first episode in their weekly webinar series.

About Intradiem

At Intradiem, we believe the best technology is technology that supports humans. We are the only people-first customer service solution that has a real, long-lasting impact on your people, your customers, and your brand. We uncover, in real time, the untapped capacity in your contact center and give you the ability to use that capacity where it has the most impact. Time for Training, coaching, and wellness breaks – at the right time, every time. Automatic schedule updates. Call handling support. And with hard dollar savings that more than pay for itself. Intradiem: Contact center automation designed by humans, for humans.


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