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Intradiem Continues to See Rapid Customer Adoption and Growth

Customer success, unique technology, and customer community reinforce market dominance.

Atlanta, GA (August 28, 2018) – Intradiem, the leading real-time automation provider to enterprise contact centers, has announced continued strong growth and several other important achievements in the first half of 2018.

“We continue to see rapid customer adoption, and the agent cost savings we’re creating for our customer partners is growing,” said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “Intradiem pioneered real-time contact center automation. Our investments in product and customer success are resulting in increased value and success for our customers and clear market leadership for Intradiem.”

Customer Adoption and Value
Global brands including Aetna, Rogers, and Farmers Insurance continue to see greater agent cost savings and productivity through the automation of management processes. New customer partners like AXA, a Fortune 25 bank, and WageWorks underscore the growing need to reduce agent costs and improve engagement. Intradiem’s customer partners now include two of the four largest U.S. banks, five of the eight largest healthcare insurance companies, and three of the five leading telecommunications companies.

Real-Time Automation Platform Differentiation
Real-time automation presents enterprise contact centers with the only way to overcome complexity by accessing, processing, and taking action on real-time data across existing systems. Intradiem is the only provider in the market with the real-time, high-volume, and rule engine capabilities required to execute use cases that achieve material agent cost reduction. Intradiem’s continued investments in the platform, scalability, and security are key to serving and creating value for contact centers and underscore the company’s uniqueness in the market.

Intradiem’s Advisory Council reached its highest attendance in history where a range of contact center leaders shared real-time automation insights and best practices. Driven by market demand, the company facilitated thirteen Forefront events in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.

“The success of our customers as well as our growth continue to be driven by an expanding community,” added McConnell.

About Intradiem

Intradiem believes technology should be used to empower workers, not replace them. Our patented, AI-powered contact center automation technology integrates with WFM, ACD, and other systems and processes their data output in real time, revealing unused capacity that can be redirected to its most productive use. Through real-time monitoring of schedules, call volume and workflow, Intradiem delivers unprecedented call-handling support and identifies opportunities to deliver breaks, training, and other time-sensitive tasks within the flow of actual conditions. We help contact centers boost operating efficiency, enhance agent engagement, and improve end-customer experiences while delivering concrete savings and same-year investment return.


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