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Intradiem Delivered Record Results in 2021

Atlanta — February 1, 2022, Intradiem, the leading provider of Intelligent Automation solutions for customer service teams, has announced record financial and customer performance results for 2021.

The company’s AI-powered technology platform processes and leverages millions of real-time data points to boost contact center operating efficiency, agent engagement, and customer experiences.

Intradiem powered more than 1.5 billion automated actions and saved customers more than $150 million in 2021. The company booked more deals than in any previous year, and sales revenues rose significantly higher than in 2020.

“Our 2021 performance is a direct result of our ‘employee first’ ethos. We put our employees first and they, in turn, develop amazing technology to help the frontline employees of our customers,” said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “Our results show that empowering employees is good business.”

A new Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted on behalf of Intradiem by Forrester Consulting at the end of 2021 concluded that organizations leveraging Intradiem’s platform can achieve a 342% ROI over three years and recoup their investment in less than six months. Based on Forrester’s in-depth interviews with Intradiem customer executives, the study demonstrates the powerful financial impact of Intelligent Automation on customer service operations.

Intradiem added new coaching and staffing capabilities to its product offering in 2021 and expanded its proprietary real-time automation platform for back-office operations.

The company also established new partnerships with Alvaria, SKWeston & Company, and Avaya in 2021. Intradiem solutions are now available through the Avaya Select Partner Program.

About Intradiem

Intradiem believes technology should be used to empower workers, not replace them. Our patented, AI-powered contact center automation technology integrates with WFM, ACD, and other systems and processes their data output in real time, revealing unused capacity that can be redirected to its most productive use. Through real-time monitoring of schedules, call volume and workflow, Intradiem delivers unprecedented call-handling support and identifies opportunities to deliver breaks, training, and other time-sensitive tasks within the flow of actual conditions. We help contact centers boost operating efficiency, enhance agent engagement, and improve end-customer experiences while delivering concrete savings and same-year investment return.


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