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Intradiem Releases New Staffing Use Case

Atlanta – October 26, 2021, Intradiem, the leading provider of Intelligent Automation solutions for contact center and back-office customer service teams, announces the release of its new Staffing use case.

Workforce managers are constantly challenged to make real-time staffing adjustments in the face of unpredictable shifts in call volume. This requires an ability to monitor multiple data points from disparate systems, and prioritize metrics to make staffing decisions that maintain service levels while keeping costs under control.

Effective monitoring of so much data is beyond the scope of individual managers, but Intradiem’s real-time data processing capabilities enable managers to leverage this time-sensitive information to customize staffing priorities and make immediate adjustments.

Intradiem’s Staffing use case includes new filters that allow centers to customize staffing groups for Voluntary Time Off (VTO) and Voluntary Overtime (VOT) offers, according to predetermined criteria. For example, when call volume slows, workforce managers can prioritize agents who have already completed outstanding training, coaching, or other development-related assignments for VTO offers.

Likewise, when call volume surges, agents can be prioritized to receive VOT offers. Once adjustments are made, Intradiem’s solution automatically updates agents’ schedules in the workforce management software.

This new use case also includes conditions such as cumulative service level and future net staffing. Additionally, customers can choose to fully automate the VTO function or maintain it in manual mode.

“Making real-time staffing adjustments without harming service levels or adding wasteful cost has always been a guessing game in customer service centers,” said Chris Busbee, Intradiem’s VP of Product Management. “This new Staffing solution enables customers to leverage the data from their existing systems to make immediate adjustments based on actual conditions, all in real-time.”

About Intradiem

At Intradiem, we believe the best technology is technology that supports humans. We are the only people-first customer service solution that has a real, long-lasting impact on your people, your customers, and your brand. We uncover, in real time, the untapped capacity in your contact center and give you the ability to use that capacity where it has the most impact. Time for Training, coaching, and wellness breaks – at the right time, every time. Automatic schedule updates. Call handling support. And with hard dollar savings that more than pay for itself. Intradiem: Contact center automation designed by humans, for humans.


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