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Intradiem Wins The Forum Partnership Award for Outstanding Virgin Media Customer Service

Amid a Global Labour Shortage, Intradiem helps Virgin Media reduce attrition rate by 7%, saving more than £3.4 mil in operational costs

Atlanta – June 13, 2023 – Intradiem, the leading provider of intelligent automation solutions for contact centre and back-office customer service teams, earned the 2023 Partnership Award from The Forum for outstanding service in support of its customer, Virgin Media. Specifically, Intradiem reduced Virgin Media’s agent attrition by 7% across its 7,000 front-line agents, leading to better customer service experiences and lower operational costs.

Intradiem was recognised for its outstanding support of Virgin Media’s large-scale automation initiative, which included increased agent training time and improved efficiency. Virgin Media undertook this initiative to modernise its customer service and workforce planning operations, which were based on legacy manual processes.

“Today’s customers expect it all from frontline agents, from truly hearing the challenges they encounter with a brand to getting their needs met by veering from a script,” said Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell. “Using intelligent automation to strengthen the skills and engagement of its frontline agents and reduce costly attrition has helped Virgin Media succeed during a time when finding and keeping top talent is tough.”

Intradiem integrates directly with contact centre technology systems to capture, process and leverage massive data output in real time. This enabled Virgin Media to bring efficiency to its widely dispersed customer service operation.

Through its real-time monitoring and communications capabilities, Intradiem automatically identifies spur-of-the-moment opportunities amidst the flux of contact centre workflows and delivers dynamic training to temporarily idled agents. This unique capability powered a 26% increase in Virgin Media agent training time and contributed to a year-on-year quarterly increase of 1,500 training sessions.

Virgin Media also leveraged Intradiem’s ability to automate real-time notification to help individual agents keep call handling time within pre-set thresholds.

About The Forum:
The Forum is an organisation founded in 2000 to establish best practices and help raise the standards of customer service operations. A community of independent professionals drawn from businesses operating in multiple industries around the world, The Forum’s programme focuses on strategy, technology and workforce management issues, leveraging its vast library of resources and tools to promote networking, learning and accreditation, benchmarking, and professional services.

About Intradiem

Intradiem believes technology should be used to empower workers, not replace them. Our patented, AI-powered contact center automation technology integrates with WFM, ACD, and other systems and processes their data output in real time, revealing unused capacity that can be redirected to its most productive use. Through real-time monitoring of schedules, call volume and workflow, Intradiem delivers unprecedented call-handling support and identifies opportunities to deliver breaks, training, and other time-sensitive tasks within the flow of actual conditions. We help contact centers boost operating efficiency, enhance agent engagement, and improve end-customer experiences while delivering concrete savings and same-year investment return.


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