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Intradiem’s Executive Conference Uncovers Three Themes: AI, Automation and Customer Experience

Atlanta, March 19, 2024 — Intradiem, the leading provider of contact center automation solutions for customer service teams, recently hosted the Forefront Executive Council, a gathering of industry professionals to discuss the challenges faced by businesses as they prepare their workforces for an increasingly tech-driven future.

Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell opened the session by highlighting the importance of using technology in the service of people. “A business’s reputation is on the line with each customer service interaction, so effective support for frontline agents is critical,” said McConnell. “AI and intelligent automation are demonstrating that they can help agents deliver experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations.”

Keynote Speaker Kate O’Neill, founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic advisory firm committed to improving human experience at scale through tech strategy, led a session on “The Tech Humanist Future.” Her remarks centered around sharing insights and strategies to help businesses navigate the rapidly changing tech and business landscape.

O’Neill described how organizations are using AI to create more meaningful connections with their customers and employees. This use of technology is paving the way for a more engaged and supportive workplace culture, which contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Attendees leading contact centers in the healthcare, banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, and utilities sectors participated in breakout sessions and interactive panel discussions, sharing insights into the importance of maintaining the human-centric core of their customer service operations. But despite legitimate concerns about the risk of customer-facing AI, attendees agreed that agent-facing AI and intelligent automation allow organizations to provide responsive support to their employees and reap the downstream benefits of more satisfied customers and lower operating costs.

If you are a contact center leader and would like to be invited to the next Forefront Executive Council, reach out to our team directly at: contactus@intradiem.com.

About Intradiem

At Intradiem, we believe the best technology is technology that supports humans. We are the only people-first customer service solution that has a real, long-lasting impact on your people, your customers, and your brand. We uncover, in real time, the untapped capacity in your contact center and give you the ability to use that capacity where it has the most impact. Time for Training, coaching, and wellness breaks – at the right time, every time. Automatic schedule updates. Call handling support. And with hard dollar savings that more than pay for itself. Intradiem: Contact center automation designed by humans, for humans.


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