AI-Powered Technology for the Contact Center and Back Office

Intelligent Automation Platform

Process and leverage millions of real time data points to boost operating efficiency, agent engagement, and customer experiences.

Supports In-Center and Remote Customer Service Teams

Intradiem Workforce Solutions

Contact Center

Integrate seamlessly with ACD and WFM systems

Process time-sensitive data and take real time actions based on actual conditions

Back Office

Standardize back office data from legacy systems

Monitor activity and provide real time insights to raise productivity and reduce costs

Driving Next-Level Performance

ACD and WFM systems produce reams of time-sensitive data. Only Intelligent Automation can process that data in real time and leverage it to drive productivity, agent engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Business Impact Reporting

Leverage automation to track and report on contact center savings.

Track Actual Savings As They Occur


Reduce Handle Time

Discover which uses cases drive the most value in reducing overall AHT: ACW, Hold Time, and Talk Time.

Decrease Shrinkage Costs

Find out what categories have the most financial impact: task management, break, lunch and adherence assist.

Improve Occupancy

Understand trends in occupancy improvement actions by category, business unit, and location.

Yes, Workforce Automation Pays Off

Guaranteed Savings. Guaranteed Results.


How Much Can You Save?

Enter your center's average wage rate (industry average = $17.50/hr)

Workforce Automation for Contact Center Teams

Workforce Automation for Back Office Teams

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