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Transform Staffing and Adherence Processes with Automation

Workforce management (WFM) admins and supervisors spend far too much time manually reviewing dashboards and updating schedulesManaging outliers is always tough. Yes, you have dashboard visibility – but the challenge is in taking immediate action to address the issue. 

Adherence & Staffing Solution

Intradiem’s Real-Time Automation solution integrates with your ACD and WFM systems to monitor and process all critical contact center data in real time. If an agent is in tech support or a state that’s out of the ordinary, they receive a message asking if assistance is needed.  

Our call center solution monitors volume and schedule data to ensure agents can make it to breaks and lunches on time. A lighter load for your WFM admins and for a huge win for agent engagement.  

Improve Employee Empowerment

Today’s workforce values schedule control, flexibility and simplicity. Empower your employees with “on the go” schedule flexibility via a mobile app while still balancing the needs of your business.

Schedule Adherence Made Easy

Use real-time automation to ensure agents remain on schedule. Proactively prompt agents into their lunch, break, or end-of-shift before a long call creates an adherence issue. 

Automatically Administer Voluntary Time Off (VTO) & Voluntary Overtime (VOT)

Volume dictates the need for staffing adjustments. Real-time automation takes the burden off WFM by eliminating manual VTO and VOT processes. 

Streamline Omnichannel
Service Delivery

Omnichannel service delivery has become increasingly complex. Let real-time automation react to volume fluctuation by balancing resources across channels to maintain service levels. 

Address Outlier Behavior

Agents frequently moving between AUX States is tough to manage. With contact center automation, outlier behavior is immediately addressed with alerts and adherence is back under control. 

Reduce Overstaffing Costs

Give agents intraday flexibility to take a few hours off mid-shift in overstaffing situations. Use real-time data, preference and performance metrics when automating the selection process. 

Agent Attendance Line

Real-Time Analysts can spend hours listening to agent voicemails and updating schedules. Automatically update the schedule when agents don’t show up on time and notify supervisors that agents are late or absent. 

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Solution Overview

Workforce automation pays off through efficiency, employee engagement and customer experience benefits.

Agent Engagement

Must-have technology for remote and in-person contact centers.

Back Office

Improve back office productivity.

Business Impact Reporting

Track your pay off in real-time.

Call Handling

Solutions for on-premise and remote contact centers.

Workflow Assistant

Automate repetitive tasks with workflow assistant.

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