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Provide More Agent Training and Coaching

Agents represent your Brand. Be sure to give them the time they need for development. Scheduled training sessions that typically take place in classrooms  now onlinsessions – are often cancelled to protect service level. With workforce automation, you can deliver more training and coaching without overstaffing and remove the hassle of constantly rescheduling.  

Leverage Idle Time for Off-Phone Activities

Automation makes the most out of idle time by sending activities directly to agent desktops. Automation integrates with your ACD and WFM to monitor call center metrics to determine and deliver training during the most optimal time. Using predetermined business rules, Intradiem’s real-time automation solution prompts agents to work on their prioritized list of tasks. Examples include: 1:1 coaching, personalized training, time to read company updates or responding to emailsYou keep agents engaged and reduce shrinkage costs – nice pay off! 


Empower agents through
more timely coaching

1:1 coaching is important for employee development but often gets rescheduled. Show employees their development is a priority by automatically prompting coaching sessions during idle time.

Don't let agents miss critical updates and communications

Volume naturally fluctuates. Leverage real-time automation to use idle time to deliver updates, communications or other off-phone work to your agents.

Reward top performers
and boost morale

Agent attrition is costly. Sending surprise breaks during idle time is not. Why not use automation to deliver happiness and create better agent engagement?

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