Back Office Productivity

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Reduce Idle Time in Real-Time

Back Office organizations depend on historical data to gain visibility into employee productivity and lack effective real-time monitoring to see if employees are unproductive for an excessive amount of time. Request a demo of our back office productivity solutions today.

Back Office Solutions

Real-Time Employee Productivity Monitoring 

Monitor agent behavior and provide insight to idle time  

Real-Time Rules Engine 

Define productivity thresholds and set rules and conditions to establish guidelines for managing unproductive time

Real-Time Agent and Supervisor Alerts 

Deliver immediate automated intervention actions to remind agents to stay on task and inform supervisors that agents may need assistance

Calculate Your Automation Pay Off

How Much Can You Save?

Enter your center's average wage rate (industry average = $17.50/hr)

Solution Overview

Workforce automation pays off through efficiency, employee engagement and customer experience benefits.

Agent Engagement

Must-have technology for remote and in-person contact centers.

Adherence & Staffing

Optimize in-house and remote agent performance in real time.

Business Impact Reporting

Track your pay off in real time.

Call Handling

Solutions for on-premise and remote contact centers.

Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks with process automation.

Start Real-Time Savings

Power and flexibility to modernize your contact center and create a lasting impact for your business.

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