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Reduce Idle Time in Real-Time

Back Office organizations depend on historical data to gain visibility into employee productivity and lack effective real-time monitoring to see if employees are unproductive for an excessive amount of time. Request a demo of our back office solutions today.

Back Office Solutions

Real-Time Activity Monitoring 

Monitor agent behavior and provide insight to idle time  

Real-Time Rules Engine 

Define productivity thresholds and set conditions to establish guidelines for managing unproductive time 

Real-Time Agent and Supervisor Alerts 

Deliver immediate automated intervention actions to remind agents to stay on task and inform supervisors that agents may need assistance

Calculate Your Automation Pay Off

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Enter your center's average wage rate (industry average = $17.50/hr)

Solution Overview

Workforce automation pays off through efficiency, employee engagement and customer experience benefits.

Agent Engagement

Must-have technology for remote and in-person contact centers.

Adherence & Staffing

Optimize in-house and remote agent performance in real-time.

Business Impact Reporting

Track your pay off in real-time.

Call Handling

Solutions for on-premise and remote contact centers.

Workflow Assistant

Automate repetitive tasks with workflow assistant.

Start Real-Time Savings

Power and flexibility to modernize your contact center and create a lasting impact for your business.

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