Process Automation for Contact Center Teams

Automate repetitive tasks to improve handle time and help agents resolve customer issues quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

Empower Agents to Perform Better by Automating Repetitive Tasks


Shift Start

Signs the agent into all required applications at the start of the shift, shaving several minutes off the time typically spent preparing to take the first call.


Displays relevant disclosure scripts on the agent’s desktop throughout the call, such as regulatory requirements specific to a caller’s location.

Call Flow

Populates multiple systems with customer data during the call. The agent enters data into one system (e.g., CRM) and other systems auto-populate.


Automatically enters key call-interaction notes into the appropriate ACW field, freeing agents to move on to the next call.

Contact Center Automation Platforms

Workforce Automation for Contact Center Teams

Workforce Automation for Back Office Teams

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