Workforce Automation
for Back Office Teams

Standardizes back office data from legacy systems and monitors activity to provide real time insights that help reduce idle time, drive productivity and lower costs.

Supports On-Site and Remote Back Office Teams

Improving Back Office Productivity

Proven AI-based technology helps maintain back office productivity by automatically detecting drags on performance and sending real time prompts to help get things back on track. Whether on-premises or working remotely, employees feel consistently supported, and supervisors stay consistently informed.

Idle Time

Monitors mouse and keyboard activity to detect idle time and delivers real-time desktop prompts with offers of assistance.

Unauthorized Activity

Sends real time desktop reminders or offers of assistance when employees spend too much time in non-work applications.

Handle Time

Tracks time spent on specific tasks to detect excessive handle time and alert employees and supervisors to resolve problems.

Real Time Insight

Creates data-driven rules to monitor activity and alert associates when threats to productivity arise.

Real Time Responsiveness

Helps service leaders make adjustments and drive productivity on the fly.

Contact Center Automation Platforms

Workforce Automation for Contact Center Teams

Process Automation for Contact Center Teams

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