Workforce Automation
for Back Office Teams

Standardizes back office data from legacy systems and monitors activity to provide real time insights that help reduce idle time, drive productivity and lower costs.

Supports On-Site and Remote Back Office Teams

Improving Back Office Productivity

Proven AI-based technology helps maintain back office productivity by automatically detecting drags on performance and sending real time prompts to help get things back on track. Whether on-premises or working remotely, employees feel consistently supported, and supervisors stay consistently informed.

Our Workforce Automation service provides data-rich descriptive analysis on employee performance. Pulling this data for your management team provides insights on who is performing well — and who may need some coaching or motivation.

Workforce Automation provides performance metrics so that your back office team has the insight and visibility they need to lead their teams. And it can automatically send prompts to underperforming employees to help get them back on track.

Idle Time

Monitors mouse and keyboard activity to detect idle time and delivers real-time desktop prompts with offers of assistance.

Unauthorized Activity

Sends real time desktop reminders or offers of assistance when employees spend too much time in non-work applications.

Handle Time

Tracks time spent on specific tasks to detect excessive handle time and alert employees and supervisors to resolve problems.

Real Time Insight

Creates data-driven rules to monitor activity and alert associates when threats to productivity arise.

Real Time Responsiveness

Helps service leaders make adjustments and drive productivity on the fly.

What is Back Office Software?

Within a workforce management (WFM) context, back office software provides many of the same benefits as front office software, helping leadership organize, align, and manage resources from a central, insights-rich platform. Back office employees tend to have more varied responsibilities, making back office workforce management and tracking more complicated than for call center representatives and other more uniform roles.

Back office software also provides insight into employees’ use of time, such as by identifying top non-work applications or inappropriate amounts of idle time. Back office software also tracks handle time or the amount of time spent on specific tasks.

Some providers offer separate products for the front and back office, while others offer a unified platform that handles everything necessary for managing an entire call center, front and back offices included.

Intradiem’s solution includes Workforce Automation solutions for both contact center teams and back office teams, offered as separate but interconnected solutions.

Back Office Automation Benefits

By implementing Workforce Automation in your front office contact center and back offices — gains a range of productivity benefits.

Employee Satisfaction

While employees may initially bristle at more intrusive productivity tracking, in the long run WFM tools tend to increase employee satisfaction. Employees enjoy the increased scheduling flexibility that an automation solution brings, and most appreciate having quantifiable measurements of performance that take the personality and subjectivity out of job performance evaluations.

Your back office team will enjoy less tedious, manual work as well, which is a surefire way to boost their morale.

Management Insight

Your management team needs real-time insights into employee activity and contact volume so leadership can adjust quickly when needed. Workforce Automation provides those insights, giving service leaders the ability to respond in near real time.

Standardizes Legacy Systems

Most back offices rely on siloed legacy systems that capture data in various formats. These systems usually don’t talk to each other, making data analysis and other business functions challenging and unnecessarily manual.

With Workforce Automation, you’ll be able to pull in data from disparate legacy systems, standardizing that data into actionable content you can use to power business decisions.

Why Choose Intradiem for Contact Center Automation?

Intradiem offers an AI-powered full-service productivity solution that includes Workforce Automation for Call Center Teams and Workforce Automation for Back Office Teams. These two tools work in tandem to provide unprecedented insights into your teams’ performance and quality data that helps you make better and more automated scheduling decisions.

Our solutions provide the tools you need to support both on-site and remote back office teams. Our software also automates the process of detecting and analyzing productivity, even sending automatic prompts and alerts when team members lose focus for too long.

Intradiem’s Workforce Automation tools provide power and flexibility, ultimately helping call center management achieve real-time savings.

How Intradiem Can Help

Intradiem is in the business of helping businesses like yours modernize and automate their workforce management approaches. Through the use of AI-powered tools, Intradiem can transform the way you forecast and schedule, and we can empower your leaders with clearer performance metrics and deeper management insights than they have experienced before.

To see firsthand how Intradiem’s automation tools can help your business with back office workforce automation, get in touch with us today.

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