Reinventing customer service. For everyone.

Intradiem is the only workforce automation solution that dramatically increases efficiency while improving both agent engagement and the customer experience.

Intradiem’s powerful technology acts as an automated manager for contact center agents with rules that are triggered in real-time by actual center conditions. The result is increased productivity and a highly measurable return on investment, with typically a 2x payback in the first year and a 3-5x return in subsequent years. Intradiem powers over 1 billion automated actions annually and saves its customers over $100 million on an annualized basis, all while improving agent engagement and the end-customer experience.

Core Values

Servant’s Heart - We are inspired to create a better world by living  a culture of service to each other, to our customers and to our community.

Craftsman’s Attitude - We are accountable for our results and our behaviors, taking pride in what we do and how we do it. We strive to be self-aware and open to learning so we can be better every day.

Revolutionary Spirit - We approach every day with thoughtful urgency, energy and passion to add value by challenging the norm and innovating new ways of doing.

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