The Challenge

The manual processes that British Gas had in place were not suitable for an increasingly dynamic and complex environment, especially in the midst of an aggressive CX transformation initiative. They needed a way to automate key processes and increase efficiency within the contact center.

The Solution

Investing in advanced intraday automation enabled British Gas to meet their CX initiative and better engage with their agents, all while reducing operational costs.

The platform’s rules engine empowered the center leaders and the WFM team to write real-time rules, deploying agent development activities and driving WFM efficiencies.

Sample Use Cases

Employee Development & Engagement

Employee Development
▸ Communications

Manager & Adherence Assistant
▸ Lunch & Break Assistant
▸ ACW Assistant

Value to Date

Reduced Costs
▸ Material gains – increased availability, decreased handle time/ACW and shrinkage

Employee Engagement
▸ Improved ESAT
▸ Lunch and Break Assistant keeps agents on track
▸ British Gas Agent:
“Intradiem has been very useful.”

Service Delivery
▸ Consistent service level attainment

Ready to Join the Automation Movement?

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