Category: Employee Engagement

25 Mar

AI at the Crossroads of Industry and Academia

John Englund

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upping the technological ante that was introduced by automation a generation ago. AI and machine learning […]

26 Feb

4 Tips for Call Center Schedules and Shift Bidding


Setting up the right call center shifts can be a complex, intensely manual process for any dedicated call center operation […]

15 Feb

Mission 2022: Invest in Tech to Fortify Employees, Not Replace Them

Matt McConnell

As 2022 advances, I hope we’ll see the pandemic weaken, the economy strengthen and consumers thrive. These past two years […]

7 Feb

Intradiem Delivers 342% ROI

John Englund

A Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, conducted on behalf of Intradiem by Forrester Consulting, found that Intradiem’s AI-powered intelligent automation […]

12 Jan

Servant’s Hearts Beat Strong in 2021

John Englund

2021 was a challenging year, as countless individuals and families battled to maintain their health and livelihoods through a second […]

12 Oct

Community Service Month Highlights Giving

John Englund

Community service is at the heart of Intradiem’s identity. The company’s “people first” approach prioritizes the needs of employees and […]