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Financial Services Leader Increases Employee Donations by 12% with Intradiem Contact Center Automation

Published: June 26, 2019 | By: Intradiem

Fortune 50 bank’s innovative use of agent assisted automation drives engagement and efficiency to revitalize a longstanding charitable partnership

Through an internal giving program, the company welcomes its employees to donate to a global charity in support of their mission: to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good.

The company’s SVP of Global Workforce Operations led an innovative project that automated the communication of this giving process across their agent frontline. In doing so, the center raised donations by 12 percent.

Transforming the Charitable Giving Experience with Automation

Through the program, employees can opt to donate a percentage of their salary to the charity. Participation comes with perks like “Angel Day,” an extra day of paid time off enjoyed by those who enroll. Before workforce automation, managers were tasked with spreading awareness about the program among their teams. To kick off the drive, program champions would be called in during team meetings to explain and generate excitement around the program.

For a growing portion of agents working from home, this wasn’t an ideal way to communicate the opportunity. Anyone outside the office at the time could miss out. For managers, it was an administrative burden to schedule the guest speakers, provide materials, and follow up with agents. And from a business perspective, scheduling time away from the phones is both costly and at the mercy of fluctuating call volumes.

“We saw the opportunity to improve giving by leveraging our Intradiem automation platform to deliver the charity’s content during time that agents would otherwise spend idle, waiting for a call to come in. Since we already use Intradiem to deliver employee training and communications, why not put the platform to work for a greater cause? We developed a pilot program to test the results against the existing process,” shared the SVP.

A New Approach: Automating Program Communications 

In partnership with Intradiem, the center piloted a new way to communicate the program. Intradiem’s automation platform acts as an automated manager for every agent. By monitoring actual service level conditions, Intradiem triggers actions instantaneously when the time is right. This makes it easy to communicate company updates or deliver training without impacting service level.

Leveraging the platform, they were able to take a hands-off approach, letting technology communicate the message for them. Instead of managers having to present the information in scheduled off-phone meetings, Intradiem delivered the message to agents’ desktops during natural downtime. 

An eight-minute video was produced by the charity and the company’s internal Marketing team. It was set up as an off-phone activity to be delivered to the agents automatically when conditions allowed. The rule prompted staff to watch the video and then to enroll in the program. Should they choose to donate, agents were directed to the online form and could sign up right away. The entire process took no more than 15 minutes to complete, gave agents a break from the phone, and served an important cause.

A Winning Strategy All Around

The automated campaign raised 12% more donations than the control group. According to the SVP, “It was so successful that we plan to transition the campaign through Intradiem across all North American sites. We received positive feedback on multiple levels. The pilot unlocked new potential for our partnership with [this charitable organization].”

Why was using real-time automation for the giving program such a success? According to agents’ feedback, they appreciated a break from the phones and liked having time to focus on the video which clearly explained the impact of their contribution. Managers were grateful to have one less administrative task on their plate. And the business was pleased to contribute at higher levels than ever before and in a more efficient and less costly way.

A Call to Action for a Common Cause

By delivering a powerful and consistent message through the video, immediately followed by the call to action, Intradiem provided a better user experience and made it easier to enroll in the program. It was a major win from a humanitarian, business, and donor perspective.

This story is part of Intradiem’s Share the Love campaign, a collection of customer stories showcasing ways real-time contact center automation is engaging customers, employees, and their communities. Have a creative, innovative, or inspiring automation story worth sharing? Contact us here and mention ‘share the love’.
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