7 Feb

Intradiem Delivers 342% ROI

John Englund

A Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, conducted on behalf of Intradiem by Forrester Consulting, found that Intradiem’s AI-powered intelligent automation […]

15 Jan

Keep Agent Morale High Through AI & Automation

Jennifer Lee

Historically, contact centers have been plagued by low morale and high churn among agents. Leaders have applied new tools and […]

12 Jan

Servant’s Hearts Beat Strong in 2021

John Englund

2021 was a challenging year, as countless individuals and families battled to maintain their health and livelihoods through a second […]

3 Jan

How the IoT Affects Call Centers


The Internet of Things, also commonly referred to as the IoT for short, is a concept that involves a network […]

27 Oct

Back-Office Challenges Have Front-Office Solutions

John Englund

In recent years, large organizations have been turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-driven automation to overcome stubborn challenges at […]

27 Oct

How Your Company Can Benefit From Contact Center Software


Contact centers provide essential customer service, and efficiency is key to running a successful one. Whether addressing upset customers’ concerns […]