Archive Tag: call center agent

Archive Tag: call center agent

25 Aug

Webinar Recap: Flip the Script on WFM

John Englund

“The call center is like a hurricane,” says Nathan Belfield, a 15-year call center veteran and current Customer Success Leader […]

3 May

Reduce Call Center Shrinkage with Contact Center Automation

Chelsea Atkinson

Call center shrinkage may seem like a necessary evil by yesterday’s standards. However, technology that works in real-time – contact […]

17 Oct

Fear of Coaching

Melissa Kovacevic

I love working with new coaches and helping them to become the best they can be. Most are very excited […]

20 Sep

Following Call Center Procedures (Including This Bad One)

Melissa Kovacevic

Let’s face it…most agents want to be great agents. They want to keep their customers happy and that’s what we […]

13 Jul

A Rose By Any Other Name… Agent Word Choices

Melissa Kovacevic

When coaching with our agents, we have many important skills to focus on such as listening, use of empathy, following […]

20 Jun

How to Keep WFM Employees Engaged

Melissa Kovacevic

We read a lot of articles about training, coaching and motivating our center agents, supervisors and leaders. One area of […]