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Webinar Recap: Flip the Script on WFM

Published: August 25, 2021 | By: John Englund

“The call center is like a hurricane,” says Nathan Belfield, a 15-year call center veteran and current Customer Success Leader at Intradiem. “WFM managers can plan all they like, but their plans usually need adjusting midstream.” Those adjustments are typically done manually, which eats up a lot of staff time: “Up to 50% of my day,” according to one weary WFM manager.

In this Intradiem-SWPP Webinar, Nathan joins Derek Eck—Director of Customer Success Management at Intradiem—to discuss the challenges faced by call center WFM leaders and how intelligent automation technology can “flip the script” by automating manual tasks and giving managers more time to focus on strategic activities that increase agent engagement and customer satisfaction.

Learn how intelligent automation helps reduce costs by eliminating manual entries. One customer leveraged the technology to automate 100,000 actions in the first year.

Check out the Webinar here.

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