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Intradiem First to Power One Billion Automated Actions Per Year

Breakthrough SaaS technology speeds efficiency and increased saving for large enterprise call centers.

ATLANTA, GA (October 16, 2018) – Intradiem, a SaaS technology leader in call center workforce automation, today confirmed one billion automated actions, a first-ever industry milestone. This breakthrough technological moment means an unmatched delivery of value-add for large enterprise call centers through faster processing and cost savings. In comparison to Robotic Process Automation, CIO recently confirmed that 85 bots were required to automate 13 processes handling only 1.5 million requests annually for a global consulting firm. At one billion per year, one Intradiem automation engine exceeds 85 bots at 1.5 million annually.

“Enabling one-billion automated actions is like providing call center directors with one billion assistants at their fingertips,” said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “We now power the fastest and most cost-efficient tool enabling clients to vastly improve the customer experience while improving agent productivity.”

This revolutionary solution addresses the top four areas plaguing call center efficiency:

1. Call Volume – number of customers calls; efficient call allocation

2. Handle Time – talk time, hold time, after-call-work

3. Shrinkage – the percentage of paid time not logged in and available to serve customers

4. Occupancy – the percentage of paid time logged in and helping the customer

Surpassing the one billion automation milestone highlights Intradiem’s industry-leading process leveraging data fed every 15 seconds to meet real-time business needs. As a result, daily processes are drastically reduced and many are eliminated. Additionally, Intradiem’s technology removes IT leaders’ system integration concerns because the solution is vendor-neutral, eliminating the need for custom configuration.

Identifying realized client value is paramount. Less than three years ago, Intradiem raised its own bar by developing a platform known as the rules wizard increasing service from one use case to empower clients to add many use cases aligned to their business needs. A global financial service provider reports annual savings of more than $30 million including a 46% improvement in agent training and 100% workforce productivity gain. That’s one billion automated actions and growing.

About Intradiem

At Intradiem, we believe the best technology is technology that supports humans. We are the only people-first customer service solution that has a real, long-lasting impact on your people, your customers, and your brand. We uncover, in real time, the untapped capacity in your contact center and give you the ability to use that capacity where it has the most impact. Time for Training, coaching, and wellness breaks – at the right time, every time. Automatic schedule updates. Call handling support. And with hard dollar savings that more than pay for itself. Intradiem: Contact center automation designed by humans, for humans.


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