Category: Workforce Infrastructure

29 Apr

Contact Center 2.0: A Better Normal

Jennifer Lee

Is it safe to go back to the office now? Should we go back? Do we need to? There are […]

17 Feb

Do You Even Know What is Happening in Your Back Office?

Jennifer Lee

Consumers may not realize this, but many of the most important tasks required to provide a great customer experience (such […]

20 Mar

Spring Cleaning Time for Call Centers

Melissa Kovacevic

Welcome to Spring! It’s time to clean the clutter and broken pieces out of our call centers and bring in […]

11 Oct

Customer Success: Cost Reduction with Automation

Jennifer Lee

What would it mean to your center if you could improve first call resolution (FCR)? Or reduce overtime pay? For […]

29 Sep

Reduce Call Center Costs: Automation Outranks Alternatives

Kyle Antcliff

Balancing the need to reduce call center costs and keep customers happy is tough. However, Workforce Management (WFM) and contact […]

31 Aug

Are You Showing Sincere Agent Appreciation?

Melissa Kovacevic

We train our agents to thank our customers and show appreciation for their business.  We coach to ensure that they […]