Archive Tag: agent coaching

Archive Tag: agent coaching

19 May

Why Operations VPs Need To Encourage Internal Customer Service Excellence

Melissa Kovacevic

Recently I had a support team manager tell me that she had received feedback from a VP in the operations […]

21 Apr

Coaching Social Customer Service Agents

Melissa Kovacevic

Coaching in our centers can involve a wide variety of coaching activities and communication skills. Our agents may be focused […]

12 Jan

Waterfall Coaching For Agent Engagement

Melissa Kovacevic

One of the greatest opportunities for agent engagement — and yet from my observations, the least implemented — is the consistent involvement of top leadership […]

14 Jul

Are You Selling Your Customer Service Team?

Melissa Kovacevic

Global studies tell us that 78% of customers have not made an intended purchase due to a bad customer service […]

13 Jan

5 Things Frontline Leaders Can Do to Help Agent Attrition

Melissa Kovacevic

I love working with front-line supervisors and managers who are learning how to be more effective coaches. Most are eager […]

2 Dec

Why Every Employee Needs Customer Engagement Training

Melissa Kovacevic

One of my favorite customer service quotes is by Karl Albrecht, founder of the Aldi supermarket chain, who wisely said, […]