Archive Tag: contact center agents

Archive Tag: contact center agents

25 Aug

Webinar Recap: Flip the Script on WFM

John Englund

“The call center is like a hurricane,” says Nathan Belfield, a 15-year call center veteran and current Customer Success Leader […]

22 Mar

Transform Your Call Center into a Superhero

Lori Etheridge

There’s something sinister seething through your call center. It’s keeping you from being the strategic superhero you’re meant to be. […]

27 Sep

The 3 P’s of Call Center Management

Matt McConnell

Call center management is no easy task. You hired your agents for one primary job: to interact with your customers, […]

25 Sep

Turnover a New Leaf: How to Reduce Attrition in the Call Center

Matt McConnell

The call center agent’s job isn’t an easy one. In addition to their primary job – interacting with customers and […]

9 Aug

Pros and Cons of Performance-Based Scheduling

Vicki Herrell

In a previous post, we discussed several key decision points to consider when evaluating a migration to performance-based scheduling. As […]

29 May

The Workforce Management Overstaffing Problem


In an ideal world, contact center workforce management (WFM) solutions would generate accurate forecasts and schedules to identify the exact […]