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The Top Healthcare Insurance Companies Use Intradiem to Reduce Cost

Improved Efficiency, Employee Engagement, and Customer Experience Pays Off for Providers
Atlanta – February 12, 2020 – Intradiem, the leader in workforce automation, today announced the expansion of the company’s healthcare insurance customers to include the top insurers in the nation, covering approximately 154 million Americans.

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, the industry is focused on reducing operating costs while preserving the member experience.

“Insurers representing 51 percent of the insured population of the United States have chosen our workforce automation solution to improve the efficiency of their workforce,” said Matt McConnell, CEO of Intradiem. “Contact centers represent a tremendous opportunity for automation, which allows companies to quickly reduce operating cost.”

The company’s unique and proprietary platform automates manual contact center processes while also providing more agent development opportunities. Customers benefit from speaking to informed and knowledgeable agents who have received significantly more development time than companies that do not use automation.

“Agent engagement and satisfaction play a crucial role in customer experience,” said McConnell. “Studies show a direct correlation in how training impacts job satisfaction. And, the level of satisfaction and engagement is also correlated with customer satisfaction.”

To learn more about workforce automation, visit: https://intradiem.com/solutions/

About Intradiem

About Intradiem

At Intradiem, we believe the best technology is technology that supports humans. We are the only people-first customer service solution that has a real, long-lasting impact on your people, your customers, and your brand. We uncover, in real time, the untapped capacity in your contact center and give you the ability to use that capacity where it has the most impact. Time for Training, coaching, and wellness breaks – at the right time, every time. Automatic schedule updates. Call handling support. And with hard dollar savings that more than pay for itself. Intradiem: Contact center automation designed by humans, for humans.


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