Why the Contact Center Community is Achieving Unprecedented Levels of Success with Intradiem

Advanced intraday automation has reached critical mass and is quickly becoming a ‘must have’ platform for enterprise contact centers focused on improving customer experience and agent performance while reducing cost. Want proof? The value that centers at Sprint, Rogers, Pacific Gas & Electric, and others are realizing continues to increase. This community of innovators is growing, and Intradiem is proud to be a part of it. It’s powerful, valuable, and fun!

Fueling customer success requires a unique combination of technology, best practices, and community. These factors are at the heart of why leading enterprises are prioritizing Intradiem and intraday automation over other potential projects: because it presents the highest value potential with the lowest risk.

Here’s why:

Intuitive, Open Platform with an Embedded Rules Engine
Intradiem’s advanced intraday automation platform integrates with every major ACD and WFM system through an open interface that supports easy integration with other critical customer systems as well, including chat, email, CRM, social, etc.

The platform uses data from these systems through an embedded business rules engine that enables “citizen developers” on your team (typically WFM and Ops) to write automation rules that address their unique challenges and situation. No special skills or coding is required.

It’s that simple. One platform and rules engine, unlimited real time data feeds, unlimited possibilities!

Supports a Wide Range of Value Categories and Use Cases
With the rules engine in your team’s hands, now the fun begins! Initial areas of focus typically fall into three categories: workforce management, supervisors and employee performance and engagement. For example, automation use cases tend to include:

  • Workforce Management: agent to channel association, VTO, and VOT
  • Supervisors: after call work (ACW) adherence assistant, break, lunch and shift assistant
  • Employees: schedule changes via a mobile app, training, coaching, performance-based development

This automated, real-time approach to contact center operations significantly reduces the burden on managers and workforce management teams striving to meet key service metrics, engage and develop agents, as well as serve omnichannel customers.

These use cases represent just the beginning of significant transformation opportunities with the power of the platform.

Demonstrable Cost Savings and Value Across Industries and Center Sizes
A unique aspect of advanced intraday automation is that it delivers material value across three dimensions – cost reduction, employee performance and service delivery. Organizations ranging in size from 500 to 50,000 agents are achieving a 3-6X hard dollar investment return and a 6-month payback. The hard dollar cost reduction opportunity exceeds 10%.

Through intraday automation, centers can impact key metrics, including handle time, availability, occupancy, shrinkage, and FCR. By implementing use cases affecting these parameters, distinct value delivery is measurable and validates the hard dollar benefits of the solution.

Intradiem research indicates that centers across all key verticals share a common set of goals and challenges. All have difficult to achieve cost reduction goals against a backdrop of increasingly complex customer and employee demands. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the Intradiem community includes users from many industries including Rogers, British Gas, AccorHotels, Macy’s, UnitedHealthcare, Frontier, Asurion, and Capita.

In addition to the cost savings benefits and investment return, the solution uniquely delivers significant CX, agent performance, and WFM team benefits. Specific examples include:

  • 5% FCR improvement – Sprint
  • 90% of agents say the solution helps them better serve customers – AccorHotels
  • 85% reduction in exceptions entered (over 500,000 annually) – Rogers

Proven Methodology and Community of Innovators
The rapidly growing community of advanced intraday automation leaders is forging an exciting future in contact center operations through innovation. Insights and learnings from these companies over the past several years have resulted in several best practices and formed the blueprint for initial and ongoing success.

Specific best practices include:

  1. Business Case and Project Plan Development
  2. Implementation
  3. Change Management and the WFM / Ops partnership
  4. Value communication and reporting
  5. WFM Team Make-Up

As a result, these companies are achieving faster investment payback, greater value, and alignment across all organizational levels and functions.

This community interacts formally and informally through various channels. Spark is an online community of best practices, and Forefront is a traveling 1-day event where a cross section of industries and functions come together to discuss and share automation visions, strategies, and tactics. The Customer Advisory Council is an annual event where senior leaders meet to discuss experiences and insights as well as offer ideas for enhancements.

The community is unique because it’s about the future of customer experience and contact center operations where visionaries share how they’re innovating and learn how to achieve bold visions with breakthrough results. It’s thought-provoking, informative, and a lot of fun. We look forward to welcoming you and your organization to the community!

About the author

Kyle Antcliff

Kyle is Intradiem’s SVP of Strategy and Marketing and is a thought leader on how automation impacts customer experience and contact center operations. His experience includes more than 20 years of general management, technology and start-up leadership.

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