Archive Author: John Englund

Archive Author: John Englund

12 Oct

Community Service Month Highlights Giving

John Englund

Community service is at the heart of Intradiem’s identity. The company’s “people first” approach prioritizes the needs of employees and […]

16 Sep

AI Won’t Replace Call Center Agents

John Englund

There’s a common misconception that technology will disrupt customer service the way it disrupted manufacturing. Using robots to assemble more […]

25 Aug

Webinar Recap: Flip the Script on WFM

John Englund

“The call center is like a hurricane,” says Nathan Belfield, a 15-year call center veteran and current Customer Success Leader […]

19 Aug

Contact Center Absenteeism: Greater Flexibility is the Cure

John Englund

Absenteeism among contact center agents has been a persistent problem for years, with many businesses dedicating HR and Operations staff […]

9 Aug

How Can Financial Firms Improve Post-Pandemic Customer Service?

John Englund

Financial firms generate profits by borrowing short-term cash cheaply and lending or investing it for higher, long-term returns. A steeper […]

26 Jul

Intradiem Launches “Workforce Heroes” Podcast

John Englund

Intradiem recently launched “Forefront of Automation: Workforce Heroes,” a new podcast series on the challenges and success stories of contact […]