Customer Contact Centers Cut Costs with Automation

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Published:  September 6, 2018
In this edition of our customer contact center community stories, we’re diving into the variety of ways Intradiem customers are achieving their cost reduction goals. See below how these contact centers cut costs with automation.

$16.5M in Savings

Health Insurance Customer Contact CenterThis top health insurer needed to improve agent engagement while also reducing costs in their center. Idle time wasn’t being used productively due to inefficient processes. With real-time automation, the organization delivers more development opportunities with less manual work. Agents can work on a variety of courses and off-phone activities during the available time. The result? 3.5% agent productivity improvement and $16.5M in savings annually.

More Time Off = More Cost Reduction

Leading TelecomThis leading telecom company needed a more efficient way to process voluntary time off, without impacting service level. Using real-time automation, the organization streamlined the process and now delivers voluntary time off offers in real-time. This increased voluntary time off hours taken by 25% and increased occupancy by .5%. The company has improved agent work-life balance and achieved cost savings of $272K.

3.5% Labor Cost Savings

Learning Management Customer Contact Center

This leading learning management company realized that their manual processes caused them to ignore a subset of agents. They needed a way to deliver targeted voluntary time off offers at specific times. Using real-time automation, they now deliver automated voluntary time off to a subset of users, and it’s paying off in a big way. The company has achieved an annual labor cost savings of 3.5%.

Shrinkage Reduction

Leading Insurer Reduces ShrinkageThis top insurance company needed a way to reduce shrinkage in their center. With real-time automation, they moved 2 hours per agent per month from shrinkage and raised the profile of their workforce team. The company eliminated the need to cancel and reschedule training. Agents now receive automated training during the available time. The result? $500,000 in savings in just one year.

Stay tuned for the next round of our customer contact center stories to see how other contact centers cut costs, modernized their workforce, and achieved their cost take-out goals.