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Financial Services Company Provides Critical Support for its Contact Center Agents with Intradiem’s Contact Center Automation and Science-based Reset Breaks from Thrive Global

This unique approach to reducing work-related stress demonstrates how prioritizing employee development and well-being yields meaningful benefits for agents, and also for businesses and their customers.

Financial Services Case Study

A Revolutionary Approach to Ensuring a Healthy, Happy, Tech-Empowered Workplace

The contact center agent’s job is notoriously stressful. In one recent study, 87% of agents surveyed reported high or very high stress levels at work. A combination of time pressure, complex processes and interactions with unhappy callers drives much of that stress. The result is burnout and attrition, which surpasses 70% in some call centers. Replacing a single agent can cost an organization up to $35,000, and constant agent turnover undermines the quality and consistency of customer service.

When the pandemic forced thousands of customer service agents at a leading national financial services company to work from home, training delivery and other critical functions became extremely difficult to manage. This and other challenges added a new layer of stress to the contact center agents’ already stressful work.

The company turned to Intradiem’s contact center automation technology to ensure the ongoing training needs of remote agents, as well as other critical functional and human support those agents would need to continue serving customers under uniquely difficult conditions. The company leveraged Intradiem to deliver 100,000 training hours to agents in the first 10 months of operation.

Intradiem’s automated, direct-to-desktop delivery of training sessions removed the need for supervisors to create and manage training schedules for thousands of individual agents. As a result, this critical support was provided without any negative impact on service level or additional operating costs.

Intradiem’s patented, AI-powered contact center automation technology integrates with ACD, WFM, and other systems and processes their data output in real time. The solution’s unique ability to monitor schedules, call volume, and agent workflows simultaneously allows Intradiem to deliver exceptional call-handling support, and also to reveal opportunities to deliver training and other necessary tasks directly to agents’ desktops within the flow of actual conditions.

Bolstered by its success with Intradiem, the financial services company partnered with Thrive Global in 2023 to expand support for its remote agents. Thrive Global’s behavior-change product suite helps organizations improve employee well-being and performance while debunking the myth that burnout is the inevitable price of success. Neuroscience studies have shown that focused pauses help prevent the accumulation of stress. Thrive Resets deliver calming visuals along with audio and breathing prompts to help employees recharge.

The company recognized that Intradiem’s genuine real-time capabilities would provide an ideal mechanism for delivering Thrive Resets to its agents. A shared commitment to agent well-being led the companies to form a unique, three-way partnership dedicated to securing and maintaining well-being across the financial services firm’s remote-working agent population.

Thrive Resets were integrated directly into agents’ workflows via Intradiem. Intradiem measures each agent’s call-handling flow against a threshold of consecutive interactions and triggers a Reset break offer when the threshold is crossed (users can customize thresholds to be more or less restrictive). At the same time, Intradiem monitors ACD data output to identify appropriate intervals for agents to engage in Reset breaks. This unique, real-time capability generates an additional productivity benefit by eliminating pre-planned sessions and instead delivering Resets within the natural workflow.

Intradiem, Thrive, and the financial services company are deeply aligned on the direct connection between well-being and productivity. Through their effective change management approach, Thrive’s revolutionary Resets, and Intradiem’s unique real-time capabilities combined to ensure rapid implementation and a smooth rollout of the solution. Using direct feedback from agents, they refined thresholds and today, agents enjoy timely Thrive Resets that help them remain composed, focused and productive throughout their shift.

Intradiem’s collaboration with the financial services company and Thrive Global is consistent with its people-first commitment to technology in the service of human workers. The company’s recently-announced Burnout and Attrition Indicator provides organizations with a one-of-a-kind ability to identify contact center agents at risk of burnout and intervene to avoid costly attrition.

Thrive’s revolutionary Resets provide more than just breaks—they provide breaks that are intentionally and actively restorative for contact center agents. Intradiem’s unique real-time technology ensures that those Resets arrive precisely where and when agents need them most.

All businesses understand that customer experience quality is a critical measure of business success. Today, organizations also understand the critical importance of employee experience quality. Combining a people-first approach with genuinely real-time technology will help ensure that customer service agents remain satisfied, engaged, and productive.

“I’m a fan of Intradiem so far. It’s simple to use and straight forward in terms of instructions. Surprise breaks are great and gives an opportunity to stretch or take a bathroom break.”

– Financial Services Agent

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