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Health Insurance Company Raises Back Office Productivity With Intradiem

Even the best back office teams are only as effective as the tools and processes they have to work with. Learn how to boost your agent’s back office productivity with Intradiem.

Health Insurance Case Study

Delivering Critical Insights Into Back Office Productivity

Difficult tasks sometimes take longer than expected, or interruptions leave associates idle for precious minutes. Minor distractions and delays can quickly accumulate—across the team and over the course of the shift—taking a serious bite out of productivity. When supervisors have poor visibility into the workflow of their teams, problems grow and persist. Ultimately, the business and its customers pay the price.

One of the largest health and wellness companies in the United States strives to deliver top-notch preventive health care, emphasizing a proactive approach to wellness and a strong focus on quality patient care.

For years, the organization’s pharmacy and claims teams used a traditional desktop analytics tool for day-to-day back office operations. But accumulated pockets of idle time among associates created a chronic drag on teamwide productivity. Due to the limits of the technology in use, supervisors were unable to effectively monitor time spent in unauthorized activity across the associates team.

The company needed an alternative solution for identifying productivity bottlenecks and driving productivity improvements across the entire operation. 

The company turned to Intradiem’s Back Office Automation. Intradiem delivers critical insights into back office productivity, creating a common thread of efficiency and productivity and providing robust support for the entire back office team throughout the workday.

The 250-person team began using the Intradiem solution, which monitors and aggregates data from internal systems to provide managers with a constant flow of insights across the entire team. Armed with those insights, managers were able to identify associates in need of assistance or additional coaching or training to boost performance.

Intradiem alerts associates with custom-crafted prompts to help get them back on track toward resolving customer issues. The organization also uses the data generated to improve the quality of reporting, helping managers identify areas that need improvement and coaching associates into more productive behavior. Intradiem contributes positive results for all stakeholders: faster issue resolution for customers, stronger support for employees, and greater efficiency for operations.

“Increased reliance on automation in the contact center is not an option; it’s a strategic imperative. Customer service delivery is evolving rapidly to satisfy new market demands, and automation is driving that evolution.”

– VP, Contact Center

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