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How is your Capacity Plan Holding Up?

Real-world circumstances have a knack for puncturing even the most air-tight workforce capacity plans. The only certainty is that uncertainty is coming, and you’ll need to adjust. Is your plan flexible enough to keep up?

Seasoned WFM leader Ted Lango and Larry Swift will present an innovative new approach to capacity planning, including how to leverage intelligent automation to extract maximum value from real-time data, and how to use Monte Carlo simulation to create flexible plans based on a range of possible outcomes. Workforce capacity challenges are multidimensional. Your response should be too.

Learn how technology can deliver additional capacity that you can allocate in ways that make the most sense for your operations and help you to better serve your customers and agents.

Key takeaways:

– Understand why capacity plans are often so fragile
– Learn how to leverage automation to create genuinely flexible capacity
– Leverage Monte Carlo simulation to minimize risk to capacity plans

Speakers: Ted Lango, Senior Vice President and Larry Swift, Vice President of Solutions Consulting, Intradiem

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